Are you ready to be a happy mom?

Like truly happy?

You used to dream about motherhood.

About how amazing life would be. How fulfilling to be a mom, to raise these babies of yours.

But it doesn’t look like you thought it would. You wonder what happened. You thought being a mom would make you happy. When did you become bitter and hardened?

Sometimes these heavy thoughts get even heavier, and you wonder if you should just give up. Maybe this motherhood thing isn’t actually for you. Maybe it’s too hard.

Don’t give in. It’s possible to be more of the mom that you want to be. You feel so far from that vision that it feels easier to give up than to try (yet again!) to change. It’s the same story - you hear forgiveness and you make a new promise to try again, but those thoughts and habits are still there.

How do you change them? Where do you even start?

Imagine what it would be like to wake up each morning, ready to take on the day.

You move throughout your day with a calm confidence, an excited energy. You enjoy how you spend your day - choosing to fill it with things that fill you. No more wasting time on the couch, on your phone. Life just gets you. You have energy and motivation for the work that needs to be done, rather than dreading and avoiding it. You look forward to the future. You have goals and dreams that are waiting for you. That you are working towards. Life is full of anticipation, wonder, again.

Did you know that this is possible for you?

Yes, YOU.

Don’t shake your head at me.

I don’t care how far off track you’ve gotten. I don’t care how many reasons you have piled up for why this won’t work for you. I don’t care about any of it.

Do you know why?

Because I know you. I’ve been you.

And I am living a life that I once thought was impossible. Is it a perfect life?

Of course not. Life isn’t perfect.

Think of the impact this will have in your life. On you - your husband - your children. Your kids will grow up with a mom that wants her life, instead of a mom who feels stuck and resentful.

Are you ready to become the mom you want to be?

Or what is still holding you back? Fear? Fear that it won’t work for you or fear that you really are a bad mom?

Shame? Guilt?

The investment? Your husband?

Know that these are reasons your brain is giving you in order to avoid the unknown. That’s all they are.

Did you know that I guarantee results? If you’re not satisfied after our time together, I refund your money. Simple as that.

What do you have to lose?

Need some extra encouragement?

What my clients are saying:

“You are an amazing person, very empathetic and genuine. You really opened my eyes to see myself as a better person than I thought I could be. I’ve always had the strength and positivity to keep myself going forwards. But there was something I couldn’t get a hold of to allow myself to see the truth. The truth that I can be whatever I desire to be. Even through the struggles. I believe that I can do this because of you. I can continue to fulfill my dreams. If I wouldn’t have had that call with you, I wouldn’t have opened up to a new way of helping myself get better. And then the next few months to a year wouldn’t have changed for me. Thank you!”

“Being able to see the potential of myself growing and being a better person, being more content, and more grateful for my life even if things are broken or not how I ideally want them to be. You only have one life and it's worth investing in yourself / future self-- which is also investing in your children. It will help you see a way where you didn't see one before.“

“I enjoyed getting to know you more. It could have been weird knowing you from before and digging deep but I felt like you were as unbiased as you could be and broke down every situation as deep as we had to to move forward with it. And your heart to help was admired and evident.“

“ Before my coaching call with Gloria, there was a certain situation I was very stressed about. With her guidance, I was able to look at the problem from a different angle, which helped me to realize how I wanted to deal with the situation. After talking to her, I felt clear headed and confident that the path I had chosen was the right one. It amazed me how much it helped!”

”I think of coaching as more about recognising thoughts and thought patterns and learning to change the ones that aren't serving you. Also learning a bit about how the brain works so we can understand why we think a certain way.”

“My biggest breakthrough was actually a small one that was just a little shift that gave me more room in my every day life. I was struggling with what I thought was discontentment but learned that really it was guilt, and then with the help of my coach found an easy new thought to help me. Start with the free call and see how you feel. After my first call I knew the whole process would be beneficial for me.”

This is possible for you too, right now. Go book that call.